Donors and Campaign Team...

Changing the lives of many, one heart at a time.

Our donors and volunteers are making our mission possible...


Jason Block

Sabrina McCartt

John Monaghan

Anne & Glen Teager

West-Camp Press

Carl Nelson

Jon & Lynn Ann Kelly

Amelia Lawrence

Catherine Cunningham

Brian & Theresa Feeney

Audrey Hall and Monica Bricker

Pryor & Donna Timmons

Jeff Keller

David Teager & Stephen Fugate

Rhonda Collins

Scott Osterholt

Henry & Anne Marie Wehrum

Brent & Ashley Pentix

Greg & Chris Jamison

Doug & Monica Kridler

Tom Katzenmeyer

Mark & Diane DiCello

John W Kessler

Chris Saetti

The Lackey Family Foundation

Mike & Brenda Spurlock

Laing Akers

Jay Gerlach

Peter & Elizabeth Boyuk

Megan Simmons

Dr. Susan Massick

Corporate Challenge Grant Donor - Anonymous

Ares SportsWear

Ken Brown

Joe & Patty Pitstick

Bill & Raetta Teager

Dr. Ernie & Laura Mazzaferri

Ron & Lauri Roman

Todd & Nancy Cruse

Tony Rucci

Molly McCartt & Ryan Feeney

Rob & Jennifer Scheehle

Kathy Toth

Brenda Houston

Dr. Tom Ryan

Mark & Janet Sturgeon

Drew & Gwen McCartt

David & Esther McCartt

Peter & Jennifer McCartt

Rob & Tammy Tucker

Andy & Carly Stoneberg

Omayra Andino

Kate & Scott Leaver

Michelle Hurley

Jack McCartt

Jennifer Hauck

PNC Bank

Identity Group Ltd.

Alex & Sue Bettinger

Karen Heldt

Christy Zistler

Jon Parker- & Kathy Parker Jones


The Campaign Team

Abbott – campaign support through guidance and media

Alex Giffin Photography - photographer

American Heart Association – assistance with press releases, media interviews, donor leads

Ares Sportswear – branded attire for awareness and promotional campaigns

Audrey Grace Hall Design – graphic design, web design, social strategy and execution

Boxer Rebellion Graphic Design/Peter Boyuk – branding, creative and logo design

Gwen McCartt – my wife, never ending emotional support, financial records and donor acknowledgement

Identity Group Ltd – branded gear for awareness

Jenny Brodie – heart disease thriver – event coordination

Kathy Parker-Jones – heart disease thriver – event coordination

West-Camp Press – print collateral

Drew McCartt – a very fortunate heart disease thriver